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“If you wish to know the road up the mountain, ask the man who travels back and forth on it.” -Zenrin

Consultants are some of the highest paid individuals on the planet… and for good reason. They can literally be worth their weight in gold.

If you’ve downloaded and read my Ultra Insane Success Blueprint (required reading), you are fully aware that the only thing separating you from where you are and where you want to go is what you do with your brain and what you do with your time.

The problem is that most people don’t know what they don’t know, and as such need to figure out exactly what it is they need to learn and do in order to get the results they wish to obtain. This can take an exorbitant amount of time. Which is where consultants come in…

Beware the MBA Consultant

There are two types of consultants in this world. There are people who crawled through the trenches with their face in the mud and battled their way to a successful position which you would like to replicate, and there are those who went to school and got a fancy degree and now feel that their position at a consulting firm entitles them to an opinion.

“I don’t hire people because of an MBA, I hire people in spite of one.”       -Elon Musk

Unless you’ve been repeatedly punched in the face by life on the way to personally creating the results I want in my life, your opinion is not something I’m willing to pay for. Reading about getting punched in the face and actually getting punched in the face are two totally different things. I want to learn from the guy who’s been in the ring.

I personally get punched in the face by life on the daily. That’s part of the grind. But I also know all the places where I’ve been punched along the way, and I can help you avoid getting punched in the face.

*** DISCLAIMER*** – I can’t help you literally avoid getting physically punched in the face. So don’t be an asshole that people want to punch in the face.

Bar Industry Consulting

After spending nearly 20 years in the bar industry I know what it takes to succeed, and what you need to do to up your game and make it to the top. Topics may include…

  • How to get your first job in the industry
  • How to get a better job in the industry
  • Money making strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Long term goals
  • Exit strategies

Entrepreneur Consulting

As a serial tech entrepreneur and the CEO of a multi-million dollar telecom company who deals with Fortune 500 companies almost daily, I truly know how lonely and scary being an entrepreneur can be. Especially if you are a sole founder or owner.

I knew absolutely nothing when I first started out, and bootstrapping was the only option. With no funding or mentors I knew that I’d have to learn fast or I’d fail fast. Over the years I’ve spent countless days and nights on the verge of throwing up because of the stress of not having the right answers. The stress of not having anybody to point me in the right direction.

Whether you’re just in the process of considering your first entrepreneurial venture, or you have decades of business experience but feel lost at the moment, I want you to know that if you need somebody, I’m here for you. Topics may include…

  • Idea discovery and verification
  • Creating a viable business plan
  • Skillset evaluation and strategy
  • How to actually start a business
  • Viable business model design
  • Target market and personas
  • Sales techniques and strategies
  • Marketing campaign development
  • Business and product branding
  • Cashflow and fundraising
  • HR management

Consultation Fees

30 Minute Skype/FaceTime Session

  • $100 for one
  • $250 for three
  • $750 for ten

60 Minute Skype/FaceTime Session

  • $175 for one
  • $425 for three
  • $1250 for ten

120 Minute Strategy Meeting (in person – Vancouver, BC area only)

  • $300 for one
  • $750 for three
  • $1975 for ten

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All consulting comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee!!!

If at any point within the first 30 days after a consultation you feel that you didn’t get the value that you expected to receive, I will refund 100% of your money for your most recent session and all future sessions. My goal is to give you a massive amount of life changing value for your money. If I can’t do this then I don’t deserve your money and I don’t want to waste your time.

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