Drunk Passion Guest Blogging

Who Can Become A Guest Blogger?

If you’re well written and have something substantial to say that you feel will be educational or entertaining to the Drunk Passion audience, then by all means you should become a guest blogger. Priority is generally given to industry professionals with a decent social reach, but depending on your content this is by no means a prerequisite. Good personality-style writing that contains engaging content will reign supreme and keep your posts at the top of the list.

Benefits Of Guest Blogging

The Drunk Passion audience is comprised largely of industry professionals. Guest blogging allows you to establish yourself as an authority among both your peers and potential employers while expanding your social reach. One of the biggest benefits of guest blogging is having the ability to gain a local following of other industry professionals. These are the people who party the hardest and tip the most. Imagine becoming a local celebrity and having somebody comment on your latest post every time you walk in a bar or restaurant. Bring on the free booze!!!

Rules For Submission

The purpose of Drunk Passion is for the best of the best in the industry to teach everybody else how to become exceptional. All guest posts should be reflective of this. The deciding factor on whether or not your content will be shown comes down to whether or not the editors feel that it is well written and relevant to our audience.

Please avoid any of the following when submitting a guest post:

  • Irrelevant link bait
  • Submitting paid or sponsored posts
  • Content which has previously been posted on other blogs
  • Self promotion of your own products or services
  • Promoting individual products, services, or companies
  • Including affiliate or sponsored links
  • Including links to unrelated sites
  • Including links solely for the purpose of SEO
  • Providing false claims or misrepresentation of facts
  • Providing fake author info
  • Submitting articles written by other people
  • Using inappropriate or abusive language in posts and/or comments
  • Submitting content which contains slander or is defamatory in nature
  • Including NSFW links or images
  • Submitting any kind of copyrighted content
  • Submitting articles which are too short or incomplete

By following these rules you will ensure that your post has the best chance of making it through the editorial process and survive getting posted on Drunk Passion.

Article Guidelines

Blog posts can take many different forms and each one has the ability to engage the reader in a unique way. Even if you don’t personally have any blogging experience you’ve undoubtably come across a plethora of posting styles. Some examples would include:

  • List Posts => 200 Ways to Open a Bottle of Beer
  • How-to/Tutorial Posts => The Best Way to Bathe a Bouncer
  • Profile/Interview Posts => 20 Questions With A Drunk Celebrity
  • Resource Posts => Best Websites To Buy Grease for a Bottle Opener
  • Personal Story Posts => How My Dog Ruined My Sex Life

No matter what type of post you decide to go with it’s your content and personalty that is going to win over the readers and give it the chance to go viral. (For a more complete list of all the different types of posts check out this article at Problogger)

The topic you choose will have a big impact on how your post is received. Are you addressing a problem? Are you providing a solution? Do you have relevant experience that your reader will be able to relate to? If you are relatively new to blogging please do as much as you can to educate yourself on the practice (copywriting, formatting, the basics of HTML tags). Problogger is a great place to start.

The first thing to do in your post is to “hook” the reader. Your article should engage the reader right away and make them want to keep reading. One of the best ways to do this is by putting your best information first. Use your own energy, personality, and style as if you were explaining things to your best friend. Writing in the same manner in which you speak will result in a post that is much easier to read.

The Drunk Passion audience comes here for a variety of reasons but mainly it’s because they want help improving their lives. Your post should help them do this and be able to stand the test of time. If somebody comes across your post in 2 years it should still be relevant. That way it won’t be removed.

Along with your post you will need to submit a headline and a feature image. Something that will catch the reader’s attention. There’s no point in writing the post if you can’t get anybody to read it. The headline should be straight to the point and invoke curiosity.

All images should be sourced from Flickr’s Commercial Creative Commons but if you can’t find one we will source one for you. Please ensure that the chosen image matches the overall look of the Drunk Passion website or else it will be replaced.

All guest posts should be a minimum of 500 words in length, proofread, and spellchecked. Take your time when you’re writing and do some research on the topic at hand to ensure that you know what you’re talking about. Make sure that if you include any quotes that you attribute proper credit and feel free to include internal and external links that you feel will help enrich and clarify the experience for the reader.

By no means may you submit anything that is plagiarized or copyrighted. This will result in an immediate ban and you will have all of your content removed.

Submission Process

Once your post is submitted it will be reviewed by our editorial staff which can take up to a week depending on how busy they are so please be patient. If your post makes it through the  review process then you will receive an email letting you know when your post will be published. If your post is not accepted for publishing we will try our best to give you feedback as to why.

Drunk Passion will only publish original content that has not and will not appear on any other site. When you send in a guest post to Drunk Passion you are irrevocably giving us the copyright permissions for that post in perpetuity which gives us the ability to publish it. We also reserve the write to make any changes to the content which we deem appropriate. This is generally nothing more than fixing grammar and spelling mistakes.

Once your article has been published you will have two main responsibilities. The first is to help share your post with the world. The obvious way to do this is through social media but there are many other ways. Guest blogging on other relevant sites or forums is a great way to link back to your content, gain new readers, and interact with people. Alltop is a great resource for finding blogs on almost any topic.

Your second responsibility after your article gets posted is to respond to comments and interact with your readers. People will now see you as an authority and come to you for answers and advice. The more interaction that happens with a post the more viral it will become. If you ignore your readers it is much less likely that they will pay attention to any of your future posts.

Including a call to action at the end of your post is an excellent way to entice reader interaction. If your post is about whiskey cocktails ask your readers what their favourites are. Just remember, the better your content is the more likely people are going to care about it and participate.

If you feel that you would be an asset to the Drunk Passion community and want to start contributing content then we welcome you with open arms. Start writing away and when you feel that your first post is polished and perfected click here to submit it. Good luck!!!

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